If you are thinking about starting a business, do you feel uncertain about every single decision you are about to make?

If you are already running a small or medium business, do you feel you need to respond to possible disruption soon, but don’t know exactly how?

You are not alone.

Technology advancement is drastically changing the landscape of doing business. Thirty years ago you only need to think about customers, partners and competitors in your neighborhood when you start. Now you have to think about customers, partners and competitors all around the world. Sometimes they are not even human. They could be artificial intelligence instances running in the cloud. For example, if you are planning to start a cosmetic product shop in the neighborhood because you think you know your neighbors’ fashion preferences, you could be competing with an AI that is mining large amount of metadata of your neighbors and figuring out their purchase patterns. If you are running an auto repair shop you will need to work with one most important partner: the AI that is powering Google map searches.

Can your cope this ever increasing uncertainty? Can you effectively harness the power of new technology and survive waves after waves of disruption to your existing business model?

If you are not sure, we are here to help.

Our mission statement is

  1. To help your business attain a clear perspective of your customers, partners and competitors as they are constantly disrupted by new technologies.

  2. To help you optimize your business flow using new technologies given such a perspective.

We will help you get their, one step at a time.